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Custom Length Premium Electrical Connectors

If you'd like to use our premium bulkhead connectors, but our stock sizes won't work for your project, we can still help.  Fill out the form below, and you will be invoiced through PayPal when your connectors are ready.  We don't take your money until your connectors are complete, so please do not submit form without commitment to complete the purchase. 

Pricing will be as follows (sets of 2):

Up to 19.0 mm bulkhead thickness: $5.50

19.1 mm to 25.4 mm bulkhead thickness: $6.00

Shipping: $5.50

Minimum two sets of 2 (4 individual connectors) per order. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of custom length units.

Please note: shipping cannot be combined with another order as custom length premium electrical connectors will ship from a different location.

Thanks! Message sent.

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