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Custom Printing

If you need to take a project from CAD to reality, but don't have access to a 3D printer, we can help.  To get a quote simply submit your file(s) via email (button below) along with a description of how the part will be used (this helps in choosing material and the orientation the part should be printed in), and one major dimension of the model (to ensure the scales correctly in our software).

​We can work with your STL files, but would prefer you submit projects in one of the below file formats.  These are readable by our CAD software, and will allow for any minor tweaks that may need to be made to facilitate printing.

Preferred file formats: *.igs, *.iges, *.sat, *.smt, *.stp, .step,*.f3d

Other accepted format: .stl

We will never share your files, or produce your parts for sale to anyone else.

Parts from a recently completed customer project in action.

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