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Eggfinder sled setup

Antenna Spacer Installation

Decide which antenna spacer is the best match for your chosen antenna, and modify by sanding if necessary. The 8mm spacer is designed for the stock wire antenna. The spacer mounts by fitting into the slot on the top of the sled, and is held there by the included 4-40 screw from behind.

Attach the Battery

When securing the LiPo battery use at least two cable ties, or ideally three.   Ideally the vertical cable tie should be applied first, followed by the horizontal cable tie(s).  A piece of double stick tape between the battery and sled provides extra insurance.  Always be sure to properly secure any connections between the battery and tracker so they are supported during flight and recovery.

Secure your Eggfinder

Secure your Eggfinder mini using 1/4 inch long 4-40 screws.  Care should be taken that no metallic screws used result in a short. The choice of this mounting hardware is the responsibility of, and at the discretion of, the user.

Securing the Antenna

Once your Eggfinder is in place, thread a cable tie through the holes flanking the antenna spacer and secure.  This provides extra support for your antenna, and takes some of the load off the Eggfinder board.

Mounting your sled

The base of your sled contains a nut capture designed to accommodate a 1/4-20 nylon lock nut.  There are myriad ways to exploit this for mounting, and we provide multiple accessories to make this as easy and space efficient as possible.

​Follow the links to see how to mount your tracker sled using one of our mounting accessories.

38 mm Nosecone Adapter Kit

Bulkhead Spacer Kit

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