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Featherweight sled setup

Attach the Battery

This sled is designed for the manufacturer recommended 1s 400 mAh battery only.  To secure the battery, slip the battery into the pocket on the back of the sled with the wire end toward the top.  Place the battery retaining clip in place with the wire passing out the top, and secure with two 4-40 screws from the front of the sled.  Check to make sure the wire has not been accidentally pinched.  The wire can be routed two ways, either through the notch on top and down the channel on the front of the sled, or through the nut capture opening (this method may require an extension to reach the tracker terminals).  NOTE: Using the shockcord sleeve will require the use of an extension cable for battery hookup due to the clearance issues with the stock connector.  You can simply solder a short wire lead to the manufacturer provided connector.

Secure your Featherweight Tracker

Attach your Featherweight Tracker using 1/4 inch long 4-40 screws.  Note: leaving the tracker slightly free to move will make installing the antenna brace easier.  Care should be taken that no metallic screws used result in a short. The choice of this mounting hardware is the responsibility of, and at the discretion of, the user.  Be sure that the screws that hold the battery clip are not pressing against the tracker.  If the clip is properly secured there will be at least a 2 mm gap between the screw heads and the tracker.

Securing the Antenna

Once your Featherweight Tracker is in place, support the antenna connector by attaching the antenna brace using 1/4 in long 4-40 screws.  This provides extra lateral support for your antenna.  If you left the tracker slightly free to facilitate this step, now is the time to tighten it down.  Lastly, screw on the antenna.  Note: this sled is designed for the stock antenna, and is not designed for larger/heavier after-market antenna.  Such modifications render any Guarantees void.

Mounting your sled

The base of your sled contains a nut capture designed to accommodate a 1/4-20 nylon lock nut.  There are myriad ways to exploit this for mounting, and we provide multiple accessories to make this as easy and space efficient as possible.

​Follow the links to see how to mount your tracker sled using one of our mounting accessories.

38 mm Nosecone Adapter Kit

Shockcord Protective Sleeve Kit

Bulkhead Spacer Kit

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