Sold as an individual part, not a set of two nuts.


The easiest way to secure a forward 1010 rail button when a centering ring isn't an option.  These Rail Button Nuts conform to the diameter of the specified airframe, and include a tapered side (which faces aft) to reduce the chance of snagging the recovery train on deployment.  The Rail Button Nut arrived preassembled with the 8-32 T-nut securely in place.  Simply drill a hole in the airframe, and install the railbutton and rail button nut.


Fits popular airframe sizes from 38mm to 6 in diameter.


No airframe, rail button or screw included.




Conformal Rail Button Nuts (8-32, ea)

  • Printed from a professional grade PETG plastic with a high Tg (Glass transition) of 76 deg C (169 deg F), so it will hold up to the most extreme flying site conditions.  All parts are solid (100% infill), so no internal voids or honeycombs.