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Sold as an individual part, not a set of two nuts.


4-40 rail button nuts also available in 5 packs at a 20% savings versus individual price.


The easiest way to secure a forward mini rail button when a centering ring isn't an option.  These Rail Button Nuts conform to the diameter of the specified airframe, and include a tapered side (which faces aft) to reduce the chance of snagging the recovery train on deployment.  The Rail Button Nut arrived preassembled with the 4-40 thermal insert in place.  Simply drill a hole in the airframe, and install the mini-rail button and rail button nut.


Fits popular airframe sizes from 24mm/bt50 to bt60 in diameter.


No airframe, mini-railbutton or screw included.




Conformal Rail Button Nuts (4-40, ea)

PriceFrom $2.85
  • Printed from a professional grade PETG plastic with a high Tg (Glass transition) of 76 deg C (169 deg F), so it will hold up to the most extreme flying site conditions.  All parts are solid (100% infill), so no internal voids or honeycombs. 

  • Every item sold carries a 1 year replacement guarantee against defect or severe damage arising from normal use.  If your Lab Rat Rocketry product suffers damage during normal use (including nominal flight and recovery) then contact us via email for a replacement.  Please provide as many details as possible in your message, including pictures of the damage.

    Additionally, there is value in damage reports from non-nominal recoveries that result in damage.  If this occurs please contact us via email with as much detail as you can provide, including pictures of the damage, and we may provide a discounted replacement.  These special instances will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and this should not be taken as a guarantee of replacement for damage arising from abnormal use, including non-nominal recovery or damage as a result of cato.


    This guarantee applies only to the parts supplied by Lab Rat Rocketry, and does not extend to the electronics or any other part of the rocket.

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