Conveniently secures your Eggfinder mini and battery with this high impact, temperature resistant sled.


Designed around the popular Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 2S 35~70C Lipo battery, but accommodates other batteries up to 44 x 12 x 17 mm (h x w x d) while still being compatible with most mounting options.  Deeper battery options are possible, but may prohibit mounting in tight spaces.


This sled is compatible with our line of mounting products including the 38 mm Nosecone bulkhead, bulkhead spacer, protective sleeves and 1/4-20 stainless steel eyebolts. Please note protective sleeves for shockcord attachment are tracking sled specific, and not interchangable between sled types.


The 38 Nosecone Mounting System and Eggfinder mini sled have been shown to be compatible with Madcow/Rocketry Warehouse 38 mm filament wound VK, filament wound ogive and conical nosecones, as well as, the Wildman/CTI 38 mm injection molded fiberglass nosecones.  NOTE: this bulkhead is intended for standard thickness coupler tubing, not thin wall. If you have a different 38 mm nosecone you would like to try this in contact us for a no-risk trial.


The BT60 bulkhead is compatible with the Mach 1 Rocketry Fiberglass Nose Cone only.  It is not designed to fit any other BT60 nosecone properly.


The Eggfinder mini sled comes with an optional bracing ring that does not interfere with the 38/BT60 Nosecone or bulkhead spacer options.  It is provided as additional insurance against hard landings, and is not required for nominal flight and recovery with even the friskiest of motors.


Save money on your mounting accessories by ordering them now as one of the available mounting packages.  All sled and mounting options come with necessary screws, but not eyebolts. Compatible eyebolts may be purchased separately in our store.

Tracker Sled (Eggfinder mini)

  • Printed from a professional grade PETG plastic with a high Tg (Glass transition) of 76 deg C (169 deg F), so it will hold up to the most extreme flying site conditions.  All parts are solid (100% infill), so no internal voids or honeycombs.