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Simple GPS sled setup


Attach the Battery

This sled is designed exclusively for the popular 1s 400 mAh battery only, and will not accommodate a 9V battery.  In order to use this sled and battery you will need to swap or adapt the 9V connector for the 2.0mm JST socket included in your sled kit.  It is the sole responsibility of the flier to ensure the correct connection polarity.  To secure the battery, slip the battery into the pocket on the back of the sled with the wire end toward the top.  Place the battery retaining clip in place with the wire passing out the top, and secure with two 4-40 screws from the front of the sled.  Check to make sure the wire has not been accidentally pinched. 

Secure your Simple GPS Tracker

Attach your Simple GPS Tracker using the 1/4 inch long 2-56 screws included in your sled kit.  Care should be taken that no metallic screws used result in a short.  Be sure that the screws that hold the battery clip are not pressing against the tracker.  If the clip is properly secured there will be at least a 2 mm gap between the screw heads and the tracker.

Mounting your sled

The base of your sled contains a nut capture designed to accommodate a 1/4-20 nylon lock nut.  There are myriad ways to exploit this for mounting, and we provide multiple accessories to make this as easy and space efficient as possible.  Depending on the shank length of your chosen fastener, you may need to route the wires through the nut capture/pass through before tightening the fastener.

​Follow the links to see how to mount your tracker sled using one of our mounting accessories.

38 mm Nosecone Adapter Kit

Shockcord Protective Sleeve Kit

Bulkhead Spacer Kit

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