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Eggfinder mini sled setup

Attach the Battery

When securing the LiPo battery use at least two cable ties, or ideally three.  There are limits to the thickness of these ties when using the outer shell, so pay careful attention to clearance on the back side of the sled.  Ideally the vertical ziptie should be applied first as it can recess an additional 1 mm below the level of the horizontal zipties.  A piece of double stick tape between the battery and sled provides extra insurance.  Always be sure to properly secure any connections between the battery and tracker so they are supported during flight and recovery.

Secure your Eggfinder mini

Secure your Eggfinder mini using 1/4 inch long 4-40 screws.  Care should be taken that no metallic screws used result in a short. The choice of this mounting hardware is the responsibility of, and at the discretion of, the user.  

Bracing Ring (Optional)

The Eggfinder mini sled comes with an optional bracing ring that does not interfere with most mounting options.  It is provided as additional insurance against hard landings, and is not required for nominal flight and recovery with even the friskiest of motors.  To use slide the ring down from the top (there are indexing ridges inside to aid in alignment), and secure using the included 4-40 screws.

Mounting your sled

The base of your sled contains a nut capture designed to accommodate a 1/4-20 nylon lock nut.  There are myriad ways to exploit this for mounting, and we provide multiple accessories to make this as easy and space efficient as possible.

​Follow the links to see how to mount your tracker sled using one of our mounting accessories.

38 mm Nosecone Adapter Kit

Shockcord Protective Sleeve Kit

Bulkhead Spacer Kit

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