54 mm nosecone mount and drill guide.  Includes four M4 set screws.


Compatible with all our tracker sleds.


The bulkhead insertion diameter is 50.35 mm.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR NC SHOULDER/COUPLER INTERNAL DIAMETER.  These were designed to fit standard thickness Wildman and Madcow/RW 54 nosecone shoulders (couplers).  These will be very loose in a thin walled coupler which can have IDs greter than 52.5 mm.

54 Nosecone Bulkhead and Drill Guide

  • Printed from a professional grade PETG plastic with a high Tg (Glass transition) of 76 deg C (169 deg F), so it will hold up to the most extreme flying site conditions.  All parts are solid (100% infill), so no internal voids or honeycombs.